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    • 5th January 2017 at 1:25 pm #508

      This forum supports a Jisc online webinar in January 2017 which presents an overview of key findings from the digital student online learners study.

      The final report What makes a successful online learner, offers recommendations for institutions, staff and learners to support and improve online learners’ digital experience.

      We offer some questions for participants to consider and share their own ideas and experiences. This forum will remain open after the webinar to facilitate ongoing discussions, which may help Jisc identify future work in this area.

      Welcome to this discussion forum which aims to gather comments and conversations from participants in the Jisc online learners webinar.

      You do not have to register with the site to add a comment but if you do then you will be able to subscribe to threads and more easily follow the conversations.

      Rules of engagement are as follows:

      1. Please respect the opinions and comments of others. By all means, engage in debate but any posts that include offensive language or aggressive comments will be deleted.

      2. We really want to explore what makes online learning different for different people. So this forum needs to be to be a place where everyone is comfortable. Please speak from your own experience and try not to speak for others. If you want to refer to people who have a disability, for example, please use the terms that they would use about themselves.

      3. Do not post spam.

      4. No advertising of products or services.

      If you break these rules your posts will be deleted and you may be blocked from further participation


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