What makes a successful online learner webinar

12th January 2017

We are using this site to support the Jisc ‘What makes a successful online learner’ webinar. The webinar offers an overview of the key findings from the digital student online learners study which included a literature review of current research and consultation with online learners and staff through the #OLSuccess week. The final report what makes a successful online learner, includes recommendations for institutions, staff and learners on how they can better support online learners’ digital experience.

The webinar provides an update on how colleges, skills providers and universities are using the Jisc student digital experience tracker to gather their online learners’ experiences of technology and also highlights Jisc scaling up online learning guides and a beta online learning readiness tool to help institutions with the processes and decisions involved in scaling up online learning at an organisational level.

We have set up an online learners webinar forum to capture conversations during and related to the webinar.


#OLsuccess Week

Have you participated in an online or distance learning course? Have you used online learning for part of a face-to-face course? Have you joined a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course)?

If you have we would like to hear about your experiences. Was it what you expected? Was it easier or harder than you thought it would be? What did you enjoy most? What did you dislike? What could have made it easier? Do you enjoy collaborating or communicating online with other learners? Was it a rewarding experience?

#OLsuccess is a week of interactions using quick polls, twitter chats, emails, and a discussion forum to gather your comments and views. We really need you to spread the word, and to contribute. See this Jisc get involved page to find out more

This site hosts the discussion forum.