Reply To: Tell us about what helps you as an online learner?

6th July 2016 at 1:07 pm #376
Lou McGill

To me it sounds like you are not an awful online learner at all – It sounds very much like you know your strengths and limitations and that this helps you to be effective.

Maybe people who do not have this level of self-knowledge benefit more from structured learning events. So thinking here of younger (no offence;)) people who have not developed an in depth understanding of how they learn best. Not saying that a self-aware learner may not still prefer a structured course though.

An interesting question is ‘what does it take to become an independent and confident learner’ – is it just something that comes with age and experience, or positive experiences or success (however you define that. And if you are a ‘self aware learner’ does it help when people learn online.

Not expecting you to answer these questions – just throwing thoughts into the pot.