What is #OLsuccess


We need you to tell us about your online learning experiences

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]#OLsuccess is a week of interactions using quick polls, twitter chats, emails, and a discussion forum to gather your comments and views. We really need you to spread the word, and to contribute. This could help to shape future online courses and help tutors and teachers create really good online learning courses and activities. Make your voice heard!

A bit of background information

#OLsuccess is a learner consultation exercise happening as part of a Jisc study into Online Learner Expectations and Experiences.


In addition to reviewing research literature and consulting with a wide range of people who develop and support online learning we are very keen to find out what learners think.


This week is part of a wider Jisc study into the experiences of Digital Students. The work also links up with the Jisc Scaling up Online Learning Project.



The Digital Student is a Jisc-funded project which is working with a number of partners to investigate the expectations incoming students have of technology provision in further and higher education.

Jisc Digital Student blog

Jisc Online Learner Expectations and Experiences study blog




Scaling up online Learning worked with the UK academic community to understand the barriers stopping institutions from adopting more online learning and find the best solutions to address those problems. This project was focussed on supporting institutions.

Scaling up online learning guides  – a series of guides to help your staff understand the decisions they need to make and the processes involved around scaling up online learning at an organisational level

  • Scaling up online learning provides a strategic view of different models and the implications of implementing online learning at an institutional level
  • Curriculum design and support for online learning helps you make decisions around curriculum design and determine support needs when scaling up online learning
  • Technology and tools for online learning provides guidance, resources and case studies around the use of technology to support online courses and distance learning programmes.

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