How to contribute

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Contributing to OLsuccess Week

Add your voice to the conversation!

We hope that you will tell us about your online learning experiences. Was it what you expected? Was it easier or harder than you thought it would be? What did you enjoy most? What did you dislike? What could have made it easier? Do you enjoy collaborating or communicating online with other learners? Was it a rewarding experience?

We are also interested in hearing the views of people providing online learning opportunities/courses/activities so do feel free to add your voices.

You can use any of the following ways to contribute to the conversations.

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Use the hashtag #OLsuccess on your preferred social media channel such as twitter, facebook, instagram, googleplus, linked-in, etc… We welcome text, graphic, audio and video contributions… Use your imagination…

We will be pulling these together using storify.

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We have set up an online discussion forum where we are posing some key questions. Please offer some answers to these.

The forum is open to the public to view and contribute. To contribute you will need to provide an email address and name. This will not make you a registered user of the site but will allow you to comment. (This policy is an attempt to encourage contributions, but this may change if the site receives too much spam).

You do not have to formally register with the site to contribute but you will be given the opportunity to do so and build a user profile. For non-registered users there will be an option in the top menu to register. This will ask for a username and email address. The system will send an email to you to set up a password. Please check your spam folder if you do not receive this. This will ask you to follow a link and enter a password.

Once registered, when you go to the forum page you will see an option to login in the top menu.

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Write a blog or make a video or sound file telling us about your experience as an online learner. Don’t forget to use the#OLsuccess hashtag.

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Contribute to the polls and surveys throughout the week.

There will be a daily poll on the forum pages and short survey should take no more than ten minutes to complete.

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Rules of engagement

Please join in the threads on our discussion forum which aims to gather comments and conversations from online learners.

You do not have to register with the site to add a comment but if you do then you will be able to subscribe to threads and more easily follow the conversations. This forum is here to support the#OLsuccess week of activities (4th to 10th July).

Rules of engagement are as follows:

1. Please respect the opinions and comments of others. By all means, engage in debate but any posts that include offensive language or aggressive comments will be deleted.

2. We really want to explore what makes online learning different for different people. So this forum needs to be to be a place where everyone is comfortable. Please speak from your own experience and try not to speak for others. If you want to refer to people who have a disability, for example, please use the terms that they would use about themselves (see this blog post if you need help with this).

3. Do not post spam.

4. No advertising of products or services.

If you break these rules your posts will be deleted and you may be blocked from further participation