Reply To: What kinds of things would you find useful to discuss about online learning?

11th July 2016 at 4:34 pm #391

Thoughful posts, Robin and Alanepaull – which, to me, cover a lot of the points of what makes a good online course. I think it needs the “right” combination of subject matter, learners’ motives for learning, learners’ situations [I’m tempted to add “learning preferences’, but given the huge debate about that, I’ll leave that, and things like time, access, etc, etc., all to be lumped together under ‘situation’] – and the ‘right’ staff, who know when to leave the debate to run on its own, and when to step in. Then, next time the course runs it’ll be a different set of learners …

There are some things that I think are vital; it’s the taking note of the advantages that online gives, (e.g. ability to have asynchronous activities as well as synchronous ones); and to avoid as much as possible trying to replicate face to face teaching model (which isn’t without its own flaws). But, ultimately, we’re all different. What suits me, today, mayn’t suit you tomorrow.