Reply To: What do you like about being an online learner?

29th June 2016 at 2:06 pm #266

There are probably 1001 topics I want to learn about but realistically, just finding out what might be the best for your career / most interesting for you would take a lot of time. On-line courses offer great range of courses allowing you to update your skills or get the skills for a different career.

I spent over 10 years working in administration within the education sector, falling into the trap of using the same system, the same forms, …you name it. When I decided to change my career, I was not entirely sure which way to go.
However, having taken a couple of on-line taster courses, I found out what interests me and what I could possibly do for years to come. The ability to study when I have time, fit the on-line courses into my busy schedule (work, family, voluntary work…) is probably the greatest advantage.

Anyone with a similar experience?